Fighting for the Third District

Illinois’ Third District stretches from the Bridgeport neighborhood on the eastern border to the top of Joliet on southwest border and up to LaGrange on the north and the Beverly neighborhood on the south. We are home to many of Chicago’s beautiful cultures and represent an amazing melting pot of ethnicities and traditions. We are lucky to live here.

I’m running for Congress because we finally need to address “everybody’s everyday” to drive innovation and invest in our people, infrastructure, mass transportation, jobs, training, and growing an ever greener economy. We need a real vision with a real plan. As part of that plan, we need to solve the “patchwork of jobs” issue prevalent here, where folks try to make ends meet with a series of jobs instead of just one, but are still having a tough time. Together, I believe we can make the southwest part of the city and suburbs more attractive to workers, working families, the middle class, and small businesses.

As a mixed-faith family, I understand the need for embracing and loving all people of all faiths, cultures, and traditions. My goal is to bring our district together and stop the divisiveness and polarization so we can work as a team and make real progress.

I believe hard work should be rewarded and respected. We need our leaders to understand we deserve healthcare for all, lower prescription drug costs, paid leave, universal childcare, a jobs engine, protection and advancement of everybody’s rights, investment in infrastructure, and a green economy looking to the future.

The Third District is filled with untapped potential and opportunity. I believe together we can begin to bring new technology, production, transportation, infrastructure, and green economic initiatives here to drive growth and prosperity now while investing in a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

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My Story

My story is like many of us who grew up on Chicago’s Southwest Side and throughout the suburbs, where my grandfather worked as a union mechanic for Braniff Airlines at Midway International Airport. Like many others, my dad, both grandfathers, and my uncles all served our country in the U.S. Army and Marines. My other grandfather, a union carpenter, built a double desk for me and my sister to study so we might be among the first in my family to go to college. I still use that desk today.

Born at Little Company of Mary Hospital and raised in St. Barnabas Parish, I learned from an early age the importance of staying engaged in my community. As I grew up, my family relocated to Palos Park, where I attended Carl Sandburg High School and worked at Orland Square Mall.

To cover my college tuition at Marquette University, I signed up for a work-study program, cleaning at the Food Service and hitting the books in between. I then attended the University of Wisconsin, where I graduated in four years, while also completing five internships.

I worked my way up to become a partner in one of the largest ad agencies in the U.S. and later left to start my own successful consulting business.

When one of my children was severely bullied in school, I founded a national non-profit program called “Team Up To Stop Bullying” with my partner, Sears, to address the problem—ultimately expanding it nationwide. I worked directly with state and federal legislators to make anti-bullying policies a priority and wrote a book designed to provide solutions for both parents and schools that is in use across the country. I have also served as a state and national advocate for health care rights, income equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and common-sense gun safety.

The Third District needs a coalition builder and a fighter for workers, their families, and the middle-class. We need an advocate to grow small businesses, protect health care rights, and serve as a champion for education and training programs that lead to real jobs to move our district forward. I strongly believe in reducing health care and prescription drug costs, guarding Social Security, restoring workers’ rights, protecting women’s health care, caring for our veterans, and keeping Medicare safe.