The Issues

Economy That Works for All

Working families, workers, and the middle class are working harder with fewer opportunities to get ahead. I pledge to bridge the income divide by helping and empowering working families, workers, and the middle class. This will be my priority.

  • Repeal the GOP tax scam and raise taxes on the highest earners
  • Elevate wages by raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour plus cost of living increases
  • Creating workforce training, short-term certification training, and skills training programs for new and displaced workers in community colleges for gig economy jobs, green jobs, trades, and tech opportunities
  • Empower unions through requirements to include a member of labor management on every board of directors, 6-12 grade vocational training opportunities, access to new job and apprenticeship programs
  • Convening community leaders, developers, local elected officials, and grassroots groups in discussions to expand the number of affordable housing units in IL03
  • Enforcing affordable housing requirements and creating pathways to income growth by means of home ownership
  • By expanding access to public transportation and allocating federal funds to do so, we can prioritize community development on vacant and under-utilized land and foster neighborhood growth.
  • Allocating funds for green space in every community. When there is more green space in a community, it not only creates recreational amenities, but it also improves physical and mental health outcomes.
  • Prioritize affordable and universal childcare
  • Guarantee paid family leave

Health Care for All

  • Health care is a right, not a privilege
  • Roll out Medicare for All
  • Reduce drug pricing significantly with negotiated pricing, trade with other countries
  • Bringing mental health services to all health care facilities, decreasing the stigma of mental health diagnoses, and restoring a budget for mental health research
  • Prioritizing funding for cancer therapy and cancer research
  • Reproductive health care for all, including access to birth control and abortion
  • Opioid Crisis
    • Passing the CARE Act, which would expand funding for treatment, support, and research on addiction through a 2% a “wealth tax” on ultra-millionaires
    • Address the opioid crisis as a public health issue
      • Reduce opioid prescriptions by appropriating funding to research alternative treatments to pain and increasing federal penalties for pharmaceutical companies that overprescribe
      • Educating health care providers about new initiatives for treatment and alternatives to opioids
    • Expanding access and funding for addiction treatment and facilities in communities that need them the most
    • Increase the use of Naloxone by first responders. Naloxone is a life-saving medication that reverses overdoes and can save lives.


  • Secure and advance immigrants’ rights
  • Protect DACA recipients
  • Implement a path to citizenship that is unambiguous and expedient
  • Keep families together
  • Provide information about a path to citizenship in a kiosk in every library and post office
  • Create a strong guest/temporary worker pathway to citizenship
  • Strengthen, improve, and streamline the visa and green card process
  • Partner with border countries on practical solutions to solve their crises in their countries to reduce the need to leave

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Advance transportation and infrastructure in IL03 and the entire Chicagoland area
  • Review the entire transportation market and assess as a fully integrated system from top to bottom to prioritize top sites, particularly crumbling bridges throughout the district, congested areas, address the 65th Street and 71st Street overpasses, address congestion on the Cicero/I-55 corridor to allow for further development, and address transportation deserts throughout IL-03 in Bridgeport, Oak Lawn, Will County and more. 
  • Convene all levels of government with the RTA, CTA, Metra, and BNSF to address commuter issues
  • Require all railroad carriers to stop freight trains from idling at stops for extended periods of time in densely populated areas
  • Implement an environmentally-sound reparation for faulty window and door installation around the city’s airports
  • Create an environmentally-sound and efficient bike and walking trail that would connect Willow Springs to Joliet, allowing recreational users and travelers to experience the beautiful forests and grasslands of IL03
  • I support installing proper ramps, improving audible cues with all trains and buses, and providing a more accurate tracking system through software so people with disabilities can plan their transportation more efficiently.
  • Fill transportation deserts with new modes of transportation that allow new businesses to thrive and allow individuals to travel easily, examples:


    • Midway Airport area near 65th street and 71st streets’ congestion. Create overpasses and through-traffic systems
    • Bridgeport lacks a consistent 31st St bus. There must be a new steady bus system.
    • The Southwest Service Metra line has virtually no train transportation on weekends.
    • Will County has few public transportation options and there must be new options added to reduce the reliance on driving.
    • Address mid-southwest and west suburbs’ constant delays and ongoing train issues
    • Extend the CTA Orange Line beyond Midway Airport to alleviate transportation deserts in the southwest suburbs

Take Money Out of Politics

  • End Citizens United and adopting a small-dollar fundraising model for all federal campaigns/support H.R.1
  • Stop legislators from being able to take money from corporations,lobbyists and billionaires
  • I pledge to never take lobbyist or corporate PAC money.

Green Economy

  • Invest in green technologies and transportation innovation as a means to create new jobs and spur economic relief as we rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Support the Select Committee designated to develop the Green New Deal and helping them achieve their goals through a program-based approach with budget and tactics that will reduce the carbon footprint dramatically in the next decade
  • Re-join the Paris Climate Accord and the rest of the world in establishing environmental standards
  • Encourage and create programs to develop renewable energy projects and jobs, such as wind and solar, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil
  • Rebuild the EPA to enable the protection of our air and water for future generations

Commonsense Gun Reform

  • Support H.R.8 and universal background checks for all gun sales
  • Support the Second Amendment for law-abiding and responsible gun owners
  • Reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban
  • Require gun safety training with any issuance of a license
  • Red flag laws

    • Prevent purchases of firearms by people who are demonstrating threatening behavior in-person, people who have restraining orders or have been arrested on assault, battery/other threatening behavior on social media, or a history/pattern of making threatening statements
    • Requiring those convicted of domestic violence, known criminals, terrorists, and those under court orders of protection to turn in their guns

Education That Leads to Real Jobs

  • College curriculum rejuvenation to address the lack of secure, well-paying careers after graduation
  • Expand community college degrees and funding to enable more certifications, degrees, and programs to create more direct-to-hire graduates
  • Use community colleges for trades and apprenticeships training programs as well as other technical certifications and training programs
  • Convene schools, government, and employers to discuss a new, more aggressive, and pertinent curriculum that introduces the importance of unions, specifically through trades jobs and apprenticeship programs
  • Engage the trades with education leaders to encourage employment after high school for students who choose not to attend college
  • Tuition debt relief with incentives and credits for taking on critical jobs that are unfilled.
  • I support debt cancellation of up to $50,000 for those with outstanding student loans and incomes of less than $100,000 a year. Additionally, I support robust debt cancellation on a sliding scale for those with incomes between $100,000 and $250,000.
  • Work toward creating state colleges/universities and trade schools that are much more affordable and phasing into free tuition at state colleges
  • Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Higher education leads to greater social mobility and economic opportunity, and when we prioritize education in all communities, the middle class will grow.
  • Add critical curriculum to elementary school civics, history and social studies to cover cultural histories and LGBTQ histories

Promoting Small and New Businesses

  • 80% of our businesses are small businesses with under $5 million in revenue. Let’s allow banks to lend to them again so they can scale up and add jobs.
  • Implement new tax credits for small business owners so they can pay fair wages and support their families and build for the future
  • Put significantly stronger emphasis to continue to cultivate our business-driven areas near Midway Airport
  • Diversify our base of businesses by encouraging new retail, manufacturing, industry, and infrastructure projects, while bringing new jobs to our district
  • Remove the cost of health insurance by supporting Medicare for All, so that small businesses will have a higher profit margin and will be able to raise their own wages
  • Increase awareness of and prioritize workforce training, especially green workforce training, to empower small businesses and increase their ability to thrive
  • Support the extension of tax credits to small businesses that are LEED certified
  • Encourage business growth and environmentalism by:
    • Addressing electricity use during and after operation hours and supporting purchases of sustainable appliances
    • Reducing waste by guaranteeing proper garbage disposal (especially through recycling and composting)
    • Authorizing federal agencies to ensure compliance with all laws while guaranteeing a sustainable business model, and working alongside all sectors–private, public, and nonprofit–to craft a uniform message surrounding the importance of green energy and sustainability
  • Support the creation of a workforce training center that would provide small business workshops and offering incentives to small businesses to build locations near said workforce center

Protecting and Advancing Everybody’s Rights

Racial Justice

  • Voting Rights
    • Restoring the Voting Rights Act
    • Passing automatic voter registration legislation
    • Ending the practice of gerrymandering through establishing independent redistricting committees
    • Making Election Day a federal holiday
  • Reforming the broken criminal justice system
    • Fighting for the federal legalization of marijuana and working to roll back mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses
    • Banning private prisons and detention centers nationwide
    • Ending cash bail
    • Banning the death penalty
  • Economic Justice
    • Creating jobs for every American through empowering trade schools and using green infrastructure for all projects across IL03
    • Enforcing affordable housing requirements and creating pathways to income growth by means of homeownership
  • Environmental Justice
    • Through passing the Green New Deal and establishing programs through its framework, we can end the practice of environmental racism that still exists in Chicagoland

LGBTQ Rights

  • Supporting the Equality Act, which would guarantee legal protections to anyone that identifies as LGBTQ+
  • Full inclusion of all students in all spaces and discussions–including LGBTQ students, students with diverse religious or racial backgrounds, and students with disabilities–through full integration
  • Encouraging awareness around the LGBTQ community through teaching LGBTQ history, culture, and sharing perspectives

Supporting People with Disabilities


  • Supporting ERA, removing the arbitrary deadline, and working to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Protecting and expanding reproductive freedom for all
  • Working to repeal the Hyde Amendment
  • Fighting for paid family leave