The Arab Daily News: “Newman endorsed by major Arab and Muslim leaders”

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Congresswoman Marie Newman receives the endorsement in the June 28 Democratic Primary for the new 6th District from 32 leaders from the Arab, South Asian and Muslim community

In a letter to community members across the new 6th Congressional District, over 30 leaders in the Arab, South Asian, and Muslim community outlined their support for Congresswoman Marie Newman in her re-election campaign.

The letter details Congresswoman Newman’s commitment to a pro-justice and pro-human rights approach to foreign policy and humanitarian aid, one that is rooted in her constituency and the people that she represents.

Community leaders voicing support for Congresswoman Marie Newman represent communities across the new 6th District in both Cook and DuPage County.

Full text of the letter below:

Oussama Jamal presents Congresswoman Marie Newman with the Courage Award during the USCMO Annual Ramadan Iftar Dinner. Photo courtesy of Marie Newman Facebook Page
Oussama Jammal presents Congresswoman Marie Newman with the Courage Award during the USCMO Annual Ramadan Iftar Dinner. Photo courtesy of Marie Newman Facebook Page

Dear Community Member,

On behalf of the leadership of the Arab, South Asian, and Muslim community in the newly drawn 6th congressional district, we would like to express our gratitude to Congresswoman Marie Newman for her leadership and representation on issues that are critical to us both locally and abroad during these last 15 months.

As a result of her proven track record, we are declaring our support and endorsement for her candidacy for the newly drawn 6th congressional district in the June 28th Democratic primary. This will be a highly contested primary race that will be funded with dark money to ensure that candidates like Marie that work for the interests of working families like yours and mine are not elected.

In the very short time that she has been in office, Congresswoman Marie Newman has supported anti-Islamophobia legislation; sponsored a letter to Secretary of State Blinken urging action in Sheikh Jarrah and the illegal demolition of homes and annexation of Palestinian land; supported legislation defending the human rights of Palestinian children and families living under Israeli military occupation; suppoted pro-justice/pro-peace legislation for the Syrian people and the greatest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime; spoke up against the persecution of religious minorities in India. She did this to ensure that we live up to our democratic values globally as well as domestically.

On a local level, Congresswoman Marie Newman worked diligently to address the needs of our failing infrastructure; convened stakeholders to address train and postal delays; provided resources and opportunities for minority entrepreneurs and local small businesses; ensured that accessibility to quality education and health care is paramount. Her support of strategic and effective initiatives in economic and workforce development, job creation, interfaith harmony, and justice for all is the leadership we need and deserve for an equitable future for all.

We commend Congresswoman Marie Newman for soliciting counsel from our community to learn about the issues we care about and refusing anti-human rights groups’ endorsements. We join Congresswoman Marie Newman’s vision and efforts to create a 6th district that is a home to uplift all, not just some.


Oussama Jammal, Sheikh Said Jamal, Aisheh Jamal, Omar Dwedari, Maher Khattab, Malik Ali, Dr. Jihad Shoshara, Dr. Sofia Shakir, Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Suzanne Akhras, Ghassan Ballut, Safaa Zarzour, Nader Alghoul, Abdallah Shuaibi, Rasheed Ahmed, Asad Khan, Malek Odetallah, Hussam Ayloush, Khalil Ismail, Rafeeq Jaber, Ashfaq Syed, Kader Sakkaria, Firoz Vohra, Don Wagner, Linda Kateeb, Sheik Hassan Aly, Dr. Raed Abusawwa, Ahmed Elwan, Kalid Baste, Nida Sahouri, Abdelnasser Rashid, Dr. Talal Sunbulli

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